Scientists warn of impending invasion of the US by Canadian ‘super pigs’ 16:50

American scientists from San Diego State University and other scientific institutions have warned of the increasing threat of wild hybrid pigs invading the United States from Canada. These animals threaten many states in the north of the country. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine Biological Invasions (BioInvs).

Canadian wild pigs are the result of crossbreeding domestic pigs and wild boars. They were bred for meat production and recreational hunting in the late 1980s. In the early 2000s, as demand for pork dropped, some animals were released into the wild, believing they would not survive Canada’s harsh winter. But the hybrid pigs not only survived, but also reproduced successfully.

According to scientists, Canadian pigs have a very high reproductive rate, move quickly and are resistant to cold. The weight of an adult can exceed 300 kilograms. Because of these features, the animals were called “super pigs”.

Researchers believe super pigs could invade the states of North and South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota. Their arrival will wreak havoc on agriculture and ecosystems as these omnivorous beasts devour both crops and other animals, from small rodents to ducks, geese and even white-tailed deer.

Experts stated that super pigs like to hide in swampy areas the most because they are provided with food and places to hide there. Scientists suggested protecting such areas with fences and setting traps for this alien species.

American environmentalists before warned It’s about an environmental disaster caused by dozens of alien worm species invading the country.

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