Almost half of Russians only benefit from free healthcare 04:00

According to joint research by the Scandinavian Health Center and the financial market Compare, 3% of Russians are ready to spend more than 200 thousand rubles a year on treatment, prevention and laboratory tests. At the same time, 43% only benefit from free healthcare services. got acquainted with the results of the study.

The vast majority of Russians (40%) undergo tests and medical examinations less than once a year. Another 34% take care of their health every year. Only one in ten of those surveyed regularly check their bodies every 3 months.

Most often, Russians are able to pay for treatment in cases where it is not possible to receive free services under compulsory health insurance (49%). A fifth of respondents are ready to pay for medical services if they have the money. 13 percent of respondents would agree to receive paid healthcare when the diagnosis poses great concern, while another 11 percent would accept paid healthcare when they need emergency care.

Every second Russian (48%) spends the most money on buying medicines. Almost a quarter (22%) of respondents receive top fees for medical research using specialized equipment. One in ten people spend the largest amounts on doctor’s visits (12%) and tests (10%).

37% of respondents spend up to 50 thousand rubles a year on medical services and tests. 11% spend 50-100 thousand rubles a year, another 9% spend over 100 thousand rubles. At the same time, 43% of respondents receive all medical services free of charge. 44 percent of Russians are also willing to take out a loan to receive medical care: 35 percent in case of a serious diagnosis, another 9 percent in a situation where they understand that they can easily repay the debt.

To save on treatment, Russians try to get healthcare under compulsory health insurance or voluntary health insurance (30%), take only the most necessary tests (13%) or look for discounts and promotions (7%). At the same time, the majority of Russians turn to doctors only in extreme cases (38%) in order to save on medicines. And 12 percent of Russians generally refuse to save on treatment.

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Source: Gazeta


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