Scientists find regular visits to the bath protect against psychosis 02:39

British scientists from the University of Leicester have found a connection between regular visits to the bathhouse and resistance to psychosis. The research was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Psychiatric Research (JPR).

Psychosis or psychotic disorders are serious mental disorders associated with hallucinations and delusions. They usually occur in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

The team analyzed data from 2,682 men collected in Finland. The information included information about the study participants’ health and lifestyle, including physical fitness level and frequency of sauna visits.

The researchers then divided the participants into two groups: those who visited the sauna less than three times a week and those who visited the steam room three to seven times a week.

The study found that frequent users of the Finnish sauna were 51% less likely to experience psychosis compared to those who rarely went to the sauna.

Scientists have stated that good physical condition also protects against psychotic disorders. However, the positive effect of regular sauna visits is most pronounced among men with poor physical condition. In this subgroup, the risk of developing psychosis was 74% lower than participants who did not like to spend time in the bath.

Experts stated that they have not yet fully understood how sauna helps fight psychotic disorders. But their discovery completed the evidence base for the benefits of bathing procedures for both physical and mental health.

Previous scientists in the name A factor that quadruples the risk of developing psychosis.

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