A pensioner in Saratov gave 1.3 million rubles to fraudsters and almost lost his house 19:47

A retiree from Saratov almost lost his only home after contacting phone scammers. In this respect reports portal “SarInform”.

The fraudsters contacted the 84-year-old woman at the end of March, the attacker introduced himself as an inspector and said that a relative of the retiree was trying to take over her savings and put the woman’s only house up for sale.

The fraudster convinced him that in order to save his money and real estate, all the money should be withdrawn and the apartment sold. The woman transferred all her savings to the fraudsters, the apartment was saved and the deal was suspended. A criminal case was opened.

It was previously reported that there was a 79-year-old woman in Petrozavodsk. gave it I sold all my savings to scammers and sold my apartment. Unknown persons called the pensioner and informed him about the hacking of his personal account on the State Services portal; scammers persuaded the pensioner to catch the intruders and participate in a “covert” operation, in which he was supposed to transfer money to a person. “secure” account. First, a resident of Karelia sent 600 thousand rubles of savings to fraudsters, then sold a one-room apartment through unscrupulous realtors and also transferred a large amount.

Taxi driver helped before to detain He defrauded the courier and saved a retiree.

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Source: Gazeta


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