‘Masterchef’ fires Pulga despite cooking well with Jordi Roca’s desserts

The tenth episode of the series ” was broadcast on La 1 on Monday, May 27th.MasterChef 12‘ Double release within a week of Pilar’s recent expulsion. The program began with an initial test and another outdoor test and ended with a duel eliminator. Pulga’s final departureunable to beat any of his teammates.

They needed to create something to whet the applicants’ appetite. Dishes adapted to the various allergies and intolerances of former contestants from other editions and ‘MasterChef Junior’. In this challenge, Pulga and Samya were unable to adequately meet their customers’ needs or prepare competitive meals. In contrast, Ángela, Celeste and Alberto ate meals that were not only affordable but also delicious; which made Alberto’s work particularly stand out.

During the outdoor test, Celeste double-captained the teams: Ángela, María and Gonzalo on one side, Pulga, Alberto and Samya on the other. Alberto, who had the privilege of choosing his classmates’ meals, described the test as “crazy.” Celeste criticized her second team for not cooperating properly. Black apron allocation to María, Samya, Alberto, Pulga and Celestewho failed in his captaincy. Angela, on the other hand, shined by taking command amidst the chaos.

Chef Jordi Roca, who took part in the dessert duel test, also took part in the ‘MasterChef’ elimination.. Angela chose Pulga to give him a better chance of saving her. Pulga decided to face Alberto first, but since neither completed the plate, they both faced Celeste.After Angela received a black apron from the gallery for helping out. In this second duel Pulga was outmatched by her teammates and faced María in the final duel.. Even though there are fleas Serving a well-prepared meal, the jury ruled in María’s favor, resulting in her expulsion.Something Pulga had already been waiting for.

The jury drew attention to the efforts of Pulga, who expressed his gratitude through tears and stated that he would participate in ‘MasterChef’ again without hesitation. “I learned respect, how to cook much better, and that you can’t always win in life. I didn’t win the final prize, but I got my share of the cake.” Pulga concluded his words with a positive experience from the competition.

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