Only a third of Russians sleep 7-8 hours a day 03:00

Almost half of Russians, that is, 40 percent, take 10 thousand steps a day. Less than 1% move twice as much and 7.5% don’t get enough sleep. This is demonstrated by a DDX Fitness survey, the results of which were reviewed by

21.6% have a pedometer (on a smartwatch or smartphone) but do not use it. On the contrary, 25.4% control their every step in this way. 27.5% occasionally look at a widget or device. 25.5% don’t care how much they move.

40% of those surveyed take at least 10 thousand steps a day. 12.7% exceed 15 thousand, 5% – 20 thousand, 0.8% – 25 thousand and 0.7% – even more.

For the necessary activity, Russians sometimes go to sports clubs. However, sometimes citizens who purchase subscriptions miss classes for various reasons (long-term illness, leaving the city, laziness) and cannot attend. 23% of respondents did this several times. Another 8.5% do this regularly; they are very busy. And only 6% “frozen” the subscription, realizing that the purchased subscription would be lost. Fortunately, the majority (62%) have not experienced anything like this; If you have already paid for the training, have the courtesy to go.

Sleep is also important for health, well-being and beauty. The majority (40.3%) spend 6-7 hours on this. 34.5% sleep the required 7-8 hours. Another 11.1% take 4-6 hours (or so it seems). And 7.5%, it is important to spend at least 8-10 hours in bed, otherwise the eyes will not open in the morning. Meanwhile, 6.7% sleep as much as necessary on weekdays and at least until noon or later on weekends.

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Source: Gazeta


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