Scientists find a new weight-loss drug may reduce male potency 11:56

Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Campus at Galveston found that the weight-loss drug Semaglutide increased the risk of erectile dysfunction in obese men without diabetes. Research results published In IJIR: Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study included men aged 18 to 50 with confirmed obesity, defined as a body mass index (BMI) value above 30. It was noted that the subjects did not have diabetes. Scientists tried to determine what effect taking the drug Semaglutide has on sexual function. The medication helps control hunger by mimicking the effect of a hormone produced by the body when food enters the stomach.

Researchers found that 1.47% of study participants prescribed Semaglutide were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction among volunteers assigned to the control group (not receiving Semaglutide) was 0.32%. It was also found that men were diagnosed with testosterone deficiency (male sex hormone) in 1.53% of cases after Semaglutide administration. In the control group, this figure was 0.80%.

Researchers have suggested that erectile dysfunction may develop due to the weight-loss drug’s ability to relax smooth muscles. This is a specific, bandless muscle tissue located mainly in the walls of hollow organs and blood vessels (including the vascular apparatus responsible for erection).

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