Russian scientists managed to preserve the most valuable disease-resistant cow breed 11:56

Named after the scientist of the All-Russian Livestock Institute. OK. Ernst (Federal Research Center) managed to preserve cows of the Gorbatov breed. This is one of the most valuable domestic cattle breeds, distinguished by high fat content (up to 6%) and milk protein content. The breed is also unusually resistant to pathogens of leukemia, tuberculosis and brucellosis, is distinguished by the ability to use feed resources very efficiently, as well as the ability to adapt to breeding in the temperate climatic zone of Central Russia. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation told about this.

According to VIZH Ernst scientists, the danger of extinction of this species increased every year: out of 282 thousand head of cattle in 1960, only 230 head survived at the beginning of 2023. This decrease in the number of cows of this breed is associated with the use of high-yielding foreign breeds in agriculture. At the same time, with the extinction of the species, valuable genomic components associated with adaptive traits, health status and product quality will be irreversibly lost.

To preserve the gene pool of cattle of the Red Gorbatov breed, scientists from the Federal Research Center VIZh named it after him. OK. Ernst selected purebred heifers based on a genomic scan of the remaining population. To obtain offspring, sperm stored for more than 30 years from two purebred bulls of the red Gorbatov breed, born in 1987 and 1970, was used. As a result, two bulls of the red Gorbatov breed were obtained, which will be used to create the seed bank.

The selected heifers will be egg donors to obtain embryos through in vitro fertilization. It is planned to deposit at least 2000 doses of sperm and at least 200 embryos into the cryobank, which will allow the preservation of this valuable national genetic resource.

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Source: Gazeta


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