It turned out that they were the first to discover the properties of penicillin in Russia Doctor Zaslavsky: They were the first to use penicillin to treat syphilis in Russia 12:13

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, which was used to treat syphilis, in 1928. However, Professor Denis Zaslavsky told, Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation dermatologist, born in St. Petersburg in 1871. He said that green mold (penicillin) was used to treat this disease in St. Petersburg.

“Vyacheslav Avksentievich Manassein and Alexey Gerasimovich Polotebnov have already carried out their experiments. They called this mold the “magic mushroom”, grew it on a piece of lemon by adding peeled oranges and moldy sawdust, transferred it to almond oil, made an oil emulsion and applied it with a squirrel drawing brush to trophic varicose ulcers, boils (boils) and syphilis. It didn’t work for trophic ulcers, but it worked for chiria and syphilis, yes,” the specialist said.

According to him, scientists’ studies on the relationship of bacteria with green briar grass (penicillum glaucum) were published in the Journal of Military Medicine in 1871.

“Therefore, we can say that Russia was the first country in the world to discover the properties of green mold or penicillin and use it against syphilis. However, scientists did not patent their inventions, they discussed it among themselves and did not mass produce the drug. And only in 1941 was penicillin used for the first time to treat a person with a serious general blood infection,” the doctor said.

Syphilis is still treated with penicillin because the causative bacterium treponema has a small genome. It doesn’t have the tools to reshape itself and develop drug resistance.

Read more about how to suspect that you have syphilis, in what parts of the body ulcers can appear, why the incidence of late forms is increasing and why this disease will be with humanity forever – in report Zaslavsky “”.

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