Five people were poisoned by carbon monoxide in Lake Baikal 12:36

Five people on the boat on Lake Baikal were poisoned by carbon monoxide; could not be saved. This was reported by the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia. telegram channel.

The driver and four passengers were found without any signs of life on the ship near Cape Tonky on Lake Baikal. It is not known whether there were other passengers on the plane.

Investigators and forensic investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched a series of investigations aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the tragedy. A criminal case was initiated regarding the incident.

In April, two 14-year-old schoolgirls were reportedly killed in the Bazarno-Karabulaksky district of the Saratov region. poisoned carbon monoxide in the bathroom. The tragedy occurred due to the stove’s chimney being blocked. Investigators opened a criminal case.

Before reportedHe said a man in Nizhnevartovsk inhaled carbon monoxide in a garage and remained unconscious for a month.

Previously a family in the Kursk region he saved himself from a burning apartment thanks to the cat Kusik.

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Source: Gazeta


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