The State Duma noted that Berestovo’s release would facilitate the Russian army’s advance towards Kupyansk 05:33

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, coordinator of interparliamentary relations with the People’s Council of the LPR, Viktor Vodolatsky, said that the liberation of the village of Berestovoy in the Kharkov region will significantly facilitate the attack of Russian troops on the city of Kupyansk. This was reported by TASS.

According to the deputy, it will now be much easier for the “Western” group of Russian troops to advance towards Kupyansk and liberate the settlements located in front of Kupyansk.

Based on the information he received from partisans in the Kharkov region, Vodolatsky noted that residents of the region heard the sounds of conflict and hoped that Russian soldiers would save them in the near future.

Before reportedHe said the Russian FPV drone operator surpassed the success of Soviet sniper Zaitsev.

He was reported to be in the United States on May 27. statedHe said that the transfer of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine creates weakness on other fronts.

Previously Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine saidWhy do soldiers have to take off their uniforms in cities?

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Source: Gazeta


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