Russians were given practical tips on how to quickly improve their language skills before traveling 03:00

Cheat sheets and preparation for typical situations will help you avoid confusion when communicating in a foreign language while traveling. Marina Evstratova, head of the training center for teachers of the Skyeng online school, told

Before your trip, you need to determine what you plan to visit. Depending on your travel plan it will become clear which words will be required.

“If this is a planned tour from an agency or an independent route, then it may be enough to repeat the basic words: how to check into a hotel, how to order and pay for food in a restaurant, how to shop in a store, how to pay. transport fare or purchase tickets from a machine. “For visiting tourist attractions, it is better to prepare a list of visits and what words may be needed,” Evstratova explained.

After planning, it is best to read basic information about the country and city you will travel to in advance. This will allow you to understand the cultural characteristics of the country and make a list of situations for which you need to prepare. For example: Is it customary to tip the waiters? Is the garbage sorted?

“The more detailed you prepare the situations, the easier it will be to prepare a reminder for yourself. Consider where you will stay – in a hotel or an apartment? How much? Will you need something from hotel management, such as a washing machine? “Creating such stories in your mind will reduce the likelihood of encountering situations where you do not understand what they want from you,” he commented.

When writing your answers, it is better to imagine in as much detail as possible what situations you might find yourself in. But simply simulating situations and finding answers to them is not enough. A significant obstacle is understanding what your interlocutor is talking about.

“Oftentimes people forget to prepare their auditory skills and focus only on their part of the dialogue. In this regard, it turns out that the person will answer the question, but cannot understand it due to the accent or unusual sounding structure. Therefore, during preparation, it is also important to hear what the interlocutor is answering and how he asks questions. A partner, a teacher, or chatbots with artificial intelligence to simulate this dialogue can help in this regard,” said Evstratova.

It is very important not to get confused in situations where you do not understand your interlocutor. It is not written on a person’s face that he does not speak a certain language, so the interlocutor will not adapt the language to a foreigner from the very first sentence.

“Don’t forget to learn the expressions you don’t speak well in English and how to tell the other person to repeat them slowly or write them down on the phone or on paper. It is also a life hack to remember a phrase that allows you to clarify direction. Often in a moment of stupor the only thing that comes to mind is “What?” is to ask. with a confused look that is not informative for your interlocutor,” Evstratova summarized.

Russians before said About simple ways to learn English.

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Source: Gazeta


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