Air defense forces stopped the Kiev regime’s attempted terrorist attack on Russian territory 23:35

The Kiev regime’s attempt to carry out a terrorist attack using aircraft-type UAVs was stopped. reported Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The report stated that around 08:00 Moscow time, the Kiev regime’s attempt to carry out a terrorist attack on objects on the territory of the Russian Federation using aircraft-type UAVs was stopped.

The ministry noted that there was no loss of life or damage. Operational and emergency services are working at the scene.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that air defense systems in the Kursk region were activated. The Ministry emphasized that an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) was detected in the region on the evening of May 25, around 23.40 Moscow time. As a result, the defense equipment successfully destroyed an aircraft intended to attack targets in the country.

Before that, the head of the Oryol region Andrey Klychkov statedIt was stated that Russian air defense systems shot down many UAVs belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the skies of the Oryol region.

Previously in the Republic of Adygea fallen Flying eye.

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Source: Gazeta


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