Border guards confiscated the international passport of a Muscovite due to an error in the document 18:02

In Vnukovo, border guards took the international passport of a Muscovite and did not allow him to leave the country because of the letter “Y”. This was reported by telegram channel “Attention, Moscow.”

The Muscovite was flying to Turkey from Vnukovo airport for a holiday. While crossing the border, border guards did not allow him to pass and confiscated the document. When the girl was listed as Dedeneva in the immigration registration system, the surname Dedeneva was written on the passport.

According to the girl’s statement, the border guards’ complaint was about the letter “e” in the document. According to him, a similar situation occurred in a family of five; The passports of all three were canceled due to an error in Semyonovich’s surname.

Before that a resident of Kaliningrad captured The passport he had been traveling with for five years due to a typo. He was returning home after the trip.

Polish border guards allowed the woman to pass, but the Russian side noticed an error in the passport. The woman was aware of his existence, but the traveler had never had any problems with it before. She traveled for five years with an error in the document, but now the document will have to be redacted.

Previously reportedHe said that in the Russian Federation they may start checking foreign passports due to state secrets.

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Source: Gazeta


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