Onishchenko suggests changing graduation “ritual” in Russian schools 12:14

Gennady Onishchenko, former chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, called for changing the “ritual” of school graduations. The radio station reported that “Moscow speaks”.

According to the expert, such incidents mostly occur in restaurants. The main source of income for such businesses is the sale of alcoholic beverages.

“There are children in the restaurant, all adults, with secondary school diplomas. The restaurant is interested [в продаже спиртных напитков]Onishchenko emphasized that children do not have any restrictions, they are adults.

He added that graduates could avoid drinking alcohol by replacing eating out with a “more social” activity. As an example, the RAS academician cited trips to cultural and recreational parks.

The expert noted that the only “minus” of such a change in the “ritual” is that the girls do not have the opportunity to show off their dresses. As Onishchenko said, young people already come to graduation in ordinary shirts and trousers.

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Source: Gazeta


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