Market plan: Explore these medieval towns very close to Alicante

The Valencian Community has numerous residential areas. to connect nature, history And culture throughout its entire region. And that’s it, as I pass through corners And natural areas related to municipalities It’s not that hard to be transported to past times. Alicante, Valencia And kalelon full footprints that mark and remind the historical past. Walls, castles and fortresses are some of these. That’s why we show you these 5 locations where can you stand and enjoy Medieval.

Culla (Castellón)

We find one of them in the province of Castellón. the most fascinating corners of the Valencian Community, Culla. Together population of only 500 peopleThe surroundings of this beautiful municipality are privileged natural environment. Her the wild nature and her quiet atmosphere lets you pass through history while walking through medieval streets. His characteristic style cobblestone houses, Ruins of Arab CastleHE Commander’s Stable wave Parish Church of the Redeemer They will take you back to the Middle Ages.

The nature surrounding Culla is also a wide variety of activities clean Air. Therefore, take excursions to its beautiful corners or come to visit. Parc Miner del Maestrat like that mandatory stops. You should also not forget to try some flavors. most typical dishes l’Alt Maestrat “master’s pot” or his “celestial coca”.

Xativa (Valencia)

Xativa One of the cities that abandoned you I was fascinated while exploring every corner.. through them monuments you can see passage of history Here. It was called the episcopal seat during the time of the Visigoths, stage of maximum cultural splendor during Muslim rule. Xàtiva was also its cradle. painter José RiberaTwo popes from the Borja dynasty, known as ‘El Españoleto’.

Precious hiding places and splendor Castle They will take you back to the past. That’s why you old town declared Historical-Art Society in 1982.

Chulilla (Valencia)

Inside inside Beautiful city of the Valencian Community Choulilla. nature The most important reason for their location is due to their magnificent location in the central basin. Turia River. The enormous amount of water flowing through this area is known for making it home to some of the trails of the Waterway. You can enjoy endless tracks inside. Route Calderones or his Blue Puddle. In addition, the beauty of its narrow and steep streets will allow you to enjoy the medieval period.

Guadalest (Alicante)

Alicante province comes together sea ​​and mountain be at the same time The fourth most mountainous province in Spain. And this is how we find places as magnificent as the town. guadalest. Located on a rock 595 meters above sea level, Guadalest Castle He knew how to protect himself. Essence and most typical characteristics of the populations of the interior of Alicante. Her natural habitat It is very picturesque as its houses are embedded in the rock and the views it offers are from a wide valley. Her beauty and charm they declared it Historical-Art Society in 1974.

Tourists visiting Castell de Guadalest in Alicante DAVID’S REVENGE

This corner is also a series a wide range of cultural activities. You can get closer Orduna House, A 17th-century noble house nicknamed the Big House; or visit one of the interesting museums it houses; Nativity Scenes and Dolls’ Houses Museum, HE Micro Miniature Museum, HE Salt and Pepper Shakers Museum or Historical Vehicle Collection Museum.

Morella (Castellón)

The province of Castellón has one of the most incredible places in the entire Valencia region: morella. The city, which was mainly built at the foot of the castle, 1,000 meters altitude, it continues to maintain that medieval look. Moreover his force still protecting main squareHE cistern And pardals towertoday it is considered one of the most important treasures of the Castellón region.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you stop by. MaestrazgoThis town with a population of approximately 2,500 medieval past still in mind. We must add a visit to all this. Church of the Archbishop of Santa María La MayorA Gothic jewel reflecting the power of this location centuries ago.

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