It’s like Thailand but Alicante: discover this impressive route among bays and cliffs

We are approaching summer and temperatures are high. In principle, this does not provide much benefit to lovers. hiking During the summer months, they have to give up long walks due to intense heat. But at the same time seaside roads A place where you can calm down with a good dive in the heat. Today we will talk about a magnificent path passing through the rocks. Bays in Marina Alta. About Benissa ecological walk.

Benissa ecological walk

This coastal walk is a coastal route that starts from the beach. Les Bassetes yacht club and goes through different paths walking bays among the rocks in the region. It has numerous accesses along its route, so you don’t need to do this from the beginning.

A beautiful route that you will enjoy Magnificent views of the Mediterranean. It is a road that is easy to reach and travel, even for children.

Benissa Ecological Walk is a route with magnificent natural beauties.

There are several along the route shadow areas and even some corners with benches and tables, ideal if you want to take a break and eat something midway.

There is a total of 2.5 kilometers of trail and depending on the speed and the pauses we will make during the walk, we will find steps along the route and we can cover this distance in an hour or an hour and a half. The entire route is full information panels With data on the flora and fauna of the areas we passed through.

One of the benches at the Benissa ecological walk

A dive in one of the bays on the way

Along the route, we will pass through different bays where we can take a break to cool off and rest. Of course, do not forget to put your booties in your backpack so that you can walk and swim on the rocks without any problems.

One of the information panels we found along the Benissa ecological walk INFORMATION

It is one of the bays where you can have a nice dive before continuing the route. pinets bay. This bay is a small corner of rocks and clear water, perfect for a break along the way.

Another bay you will encounter on the route is Llobella bay. Access is not very easy, but if you try, you will reach perhaps the most natural bay of the entire track.

After passing through the pine forest area and a viewpoint with mountain views rock d’Ifach we will reach l’Advocat dark having a staircase You can access the sea more easily.

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