The “secret” route to walk to the darkest bay of the Caribbean on the coast of Alicante

If you are his lover hiking You also love the sea very much, you certainly won’t be able to resist it. route. About this subject Granadella castle routeA coastal road that stretches along the sea and where you can finally enjoy a pleasant holiday. dive well into the sea.

Of course, it is recommended that you wake up early or wait until the morning to do this first thing in the morning. Spending the sun’s strongest hours, since then High temperatures are expected over the weekend. We will tell you all the details of this issue. The route is also suitable for summer.

Granadella Castle Route

Granadella castle route One circular trip It is of medium difficulty as it is a slightly complex area that must be overcome with the help of chains. The road goes through beautiful granadella bay To the castle of the same name, a watchtower from the 18th century.

After the walk, you return to the bay again. asphalt road. Then it will be time to dive into the clear waters of this place. little corner

Cala Granadella. E.D.

You will enjoy magnificent views all along the way. Xàbia coastline and Mediterranean.

This route covers the following distance: It is 4.5 kilometers and has a slope of 300 meters. The approximate time to do this is between two and three hours, depending on your pace and the breaks you take.

At the back of the bay, next to the paved road, you’ll find a dashboard. It will be the beginning of the route. Follow this road and turn left for a while soil trace This will take you to a perspective magnificent view of the sea.

Take all precautions when hiking in summer Pixabay

From this point a descent down the stairs will begin and then it will be time to cross a flight of stairs. step with chains. It is not very complicated, but it is always advisable to take extreme precautions to prevent possible scares. It is also important to carry shoe suitable To prevent possible accidents or injuries.

You will reach it after passing the chains. Granadella castle, It is now in ruins but also has beautiful views. It is a coastal battery built in 1739. After leaving the castle behind, you should continue upwards from where you can see the castle. Benitatxell cliffs. You will then reach the Levante lookout point, where the dirt road begins that will take you back to the starting point.

Discover the bay of Granadella

Cala Granadella is a hidden corner of Xàbia that will surprise you. natural beauty. this little bay 160 meters long It is located at the southern end of the city. To get there, take the Granadella highway from Ctra and continue towards the bay. You can also reach the viewpoint and the view from the same road. Walking route to Granadella Castle.

You will meet upon arrival crystal clear turquoise waters, ideal for scuba diving. The beach, consisting of sand, bowls and rocks, wild and lush landscape. Although it is difficult to reach compared to other beaches in the region, its popularity among locals and tourists is quite high.

La Granadella has a full range of services that guarantee the safety of swimmers. maritime surveillance and rescue during the summer. The perfect place to practice sports water activities such as snorkeling, scuba divingwater skiing, canoeing and kayaking.

In July and August, access car limited to controlling the influx Since the number of visitors is high, it is recommended that you arrive early to ensure space. It is undoubtedly worth waking up early to enjoy this impressive Mediterranean view. Take advantage of the fact that we are not in high season yet Enjoy this uncrowded road and without the heat of summer.

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