A dog walker reveals whether a dog can read a person’s emotions 15:52

Dogs can sense a person’s emotions and even adapt to them. In a conversation we had on Radio 1 about this topic reported President of the Russian Dog Federation Vladimir Golubev. According to him, human emotions such as sadness, anger or anxiety cause physiological reactions in the body that the animal can easily read.

“For example, when a person gets angry, his voice changes and he can actively make hand gestures. The pet reads the body position, hears the sound and even smells the person. Therefore, in a situation where the dog starts to get angry, it is recommended to remain calm,” said Golubev.

He added that the pet can recognize human emotions, as well as some diseases, alcohol poisoning and weather changes. Also, some dogs change their behavior if their owner is pregnant.

Before that Golubev gave reasons The health of dogs is poor in the hot season. According to him, flowering plants, hot asphalt and air conditioners can harm the animal.

He said that due to allergies, the pet may start sneezing, coughing and scratching its face. The first sign of heatstroke may be increasing shortness of breath in a dog, the expert added.

Former dog sitter explainedhow to walk a dog properly.

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Source: Gazeta


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