The city of a thousand fountains: it is located near Alicante and has one of the most impressive castles in Europe.

he came weekend and many are already thinking about what to do on their days off. If you don’t have a plan yet and want to do it to escape To a different place, but not too far away, we have an idea for you: Xátiva. known as city ​​of a thousand fountains It is such a destination It combines history, nature and adventure. Only a few are included 75 kilometers from AlicanteXátiva is ideal for: weekend getaway or a one-day visit.

This charming city offers a little bit of everything and within hours car from Alicante. If you still don’t know, we will tell you what are the main attractions of its famous places. Castle caves and routes hiking This will allow you to enjoy nature.

What to do in Xativa

HE Xativa castle This is one of the following main attractions of the city. This impressive castle is located on a hill offering panoramic views of Xátiva and its surroundings. Built in various stages from the Iberian period to the medieval period, the castle consists of two parts: Small Castle and Big Castle.

Castle tour allows visitors Discover the history of the city through its walls, towers and courtyards. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit tribute tower And Sun Tower, From where you can see magnificent views. There is also a small castle in the castle museum with historical objects and an exhibition explaining the strategic importance of Xátiva over the centuries.

Central tour of Xátiva, city of the Borgias

The city is known for its historical beauties as well as its fountains and castle. connection to the influential Borgia family. Start your tour at: Market place and visit St. Peter’s ChurchWhere Alfonso de Borgia was baptized Pope Calixtus III.

Head down the street from Market Square Santa Maria Collegiate Church, Also known as “La Seo.” It has a magnificent baroque façade and an impressive bell tower. Inside you’ll find artwork and chapels dedicated to various religious figures, including members of the Borgia family.

Image of Xátiva. PIXABAY

Steps from Collegiate Church Xátiva Museum of Fine Arts. This museum hosts a rich art collection, including works by local painters and works reflecting the history of the city. It is worth emphasizing that Reverse portrait of Philip V, A strange painting of King Philip V shown upside down, as a sign of protest against the destruction of Xátiva during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Walking through the streets of Xátiva you will reach: Lion FountainOne of the most iconic buildings in the city.

Can’t miss to finish the walk in the center Borgia Palace. This building was the residence of the influential Borgia family of Xátiva and was a symbol of their power and prestige. If you want to see the inside of the building and learn more about the building and the family, you can join a guided tour.

Black Cave It is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Xátiva. Located in a stunning natural setting, this cave Archaeological site of great importance. Cova Negra is famous for being Settlement in the Middle Paleolithic periodand provides a valuable testimony to the life of Neanderthals.

HE Access to Cova Negra nicely done walking route This allows you to enjoy the natural scenery surrounding the cave. When you go inside you can see the rock formations. archaeological ruins tells the history of this ancient shelter.

Walking in Xátiva

Xativa It is also a paradise for hiking lovers. The city and its surroundings offer numerous hiking trails that allow visitors to enjoy nature in its purest form. One of the most interesting routes of the region Castell routeIt takes walkers from the city center to the castle and offers spectacular views.

source path It’s another option that will take you to some of Xátiva’s most iconic resources. Finally, Cova Negra route It will allow you to get out of the city center, which we mentioned before.

It is impossible to talk about Xátiva without mentioning its rich gastronomy. The city offers a wide variety of options traditional Valencian food this is worth a try. Take advantage of your visit to have some cooked rice and some food. almojábanas (typical desserts).

How to get to Xativa?

Getting from Alicante to Xátiva is very simple. You can choose to buy the car. A-7 highway This connects both cities in about an hour. There are also public transportation options such as. trainIt offers a comfortable and direct journey from Alicante station to Xátiva.

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