Scientists say head transplants will help people live hundreds of years 13:26

Brainbridge released an animated video introducing its head transplant technology. He claims the procedure will help people live hundreds of years. Experts told daily mail about the prospects of the method.

The founders of the initiative claim that the brain can live for several hundred years, provided that the body remains young. Additionally, head transplantation will provide a healthy body to people who are paralyzed after injury or illness.

The video suggests using robotic surgery and artificial intelligence for head transplantation. The first step is to cool the young body donor and recipient to 5°C to reduce the risk of brain damage.

It is then recommended to ligate the carotid arteries as well as the carotid arteries and vertebral arteries using a robotic surgical system. The process will take place under the control of artificial intelligence, and polyethylene glycol (PEG) material and a special implant will be used to restore nerve conduction.

The blood is then completely cleared to prevent the new head from clotting. Currently, life in the brain and the rest of the body will be supported by an artificial plasma solution. The startup’s founders plan to receive new blood from a donor.

It is also recommended to transplant facial muscles and soft tissues from the head to reduce the possibility of tissue rejection and rejuvenate the recipient’s face. The patient must then remain in a coma for about a month and take medications that suppress the immune system. Scientists say this time should be enough for the brain to take root.

The creators of the video claim that they will be ready for operation in 8 years. But experts told the Daily Mail that the concept presented in the video was an oversimplification of how the brain works. They see the idea itself as a “bad joke” or “science fiction”. An expert emphasized that even a hand transplant or surgical reattachment of nerves, let alone a brain transplant, does not guarantee success. Additionally, the recipient will likely need to take lifelong immune-suppressing medications. Doctors believe that the real purpose of the video is to impress immortality-obsessed billionaires and thus raise funds for the venture.

Formerly biophysicist stated There was hope for the possibility of a head transplant.

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Source: Gazeta


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