More than half of Russians take work home on weekends and holidays 02:02

More than half of Russians (56%) take work home on weekends and holidays. 23% of them usually take work home and deal with work-related issues on weekends and holidays. 33% of respondents sometimes work from home and on weekends, 34% do not feel the need to work in their personal time, and only 10% of Russians basically do not work on weekends and holidays. This is shown by a study by, the results of which were reviewed by

Accounting employees more often than others have to work from home and solve business problems on weekends and holidays (47%). 36% of respondents sometimes take work home in this region, 14% do not need to work on weekends, and 3% do not work at all on rest days.

Representatives of education and science (26%) are in second place in terms of the frequency of forced work from home on weekends and holidays. 51% of the participants sometimes work on weekends and holidays, 12% do not feel such a need, and 11% do not accept working on weekends at all.

Among Russians working in manufacturing and agriculture, 17% usually take their work home, 29% sometimes solve work-related problems on weekends, 45% of respondents do not need to work in their free time, and 9% of survey respondents basically do not work during workdays. holiday.

Only 16% of respondents from the IT and telecom sector often have to work from home and on weekends. 44% of the participants sometimes work in this way, 30% do not have such a need, and 9% do not work at all.

According to statistics, among representatives of the banking and financial sector, only 16% take work home. 44% of Russians in this area sometimes deal with work issues on weekends, 33% see no need to work in their free time, and 7% refuse to work on weekends.

More than half of Russians surveyed (57%) have a negative attitude towards working on weekends and holidays and believe that they should rest at home. Ready to complete various work tasks, 36% of respondents have a neutral attitude, and only 7% have a positive attitude towards solving work tasks on legal days off.

Accounting professionals are the most dissatisfied with working on holidays and weekends (67%). Only 27% have a neutral attitude towards work issues outside working hours, and only 6% confirmed a positive attitude towards work on days off.

Workers in the field of education and science come in a close second: Here, more than half of the respondents (62%) have a negative attitude towards working on weekends, 28% are neutral in their attitude, and only 10% are ready to solve work-related problems.

61 percent of representatives of the manufacturing and agricultural sectors evaluate working on weekends negatively and want to take a break from work, 39 percent have a neutral opinion on this issue, there is absolutely no person who cannot do without working during holidays.

Fully half (50%) of IT and telecommunications industry respondents dislike working on weekends and holidays. 38% are able to perform a variety of tasks and 12% are ready to immerse themselves in work-related matters.

36% of respondents in the financial sector agree that weekends are not suitable for working at all. At the same time, 55% of representatives of this sector are ready to calmly complete work tasks, and 9% look positively at working on weekends and holidays.

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Source: Gazeta


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