Cannes portrays Maria Schneider’s tragedy during filming of ‘Last Tango in Paris’

A problematic movie like ‘‘Last Tango in Paris’ It’s not a great movie; Actually, An unacceptable movie. The director announced today Jessica Palud After his presentation Cannes Film Festival biographical’Mary‘ French actress recalls her story Maria Schneider. In 1973, at the age of 19, Schneider co-starred. marlon brando Bertolucci’s film that made him famous but also ruined his life for now well-known reasons: ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Brando’s character sodomizes Schneider’s character by using butter as a lubricant, which was not included in the original script, and the actor was neither notified nor allowed to film the film..

Bertolucci and Brando, played by Matt Dillon in the new film, decided that the young woman’s interpretation would be more believable if she knew nothing beforehand. They probably didn’t realize how much humiliation filming him under these circumstances (the sodomy was simulated, but the butter was real) would mean for him.

Palud, who began his career proper as Bertolucci’s assistant director on another highly sexualized film, ‘SoƱadores’ (2003), builds much of ‘Maria’ around the infamous footage, and his recreation carries a convincing authenticity. The problem is that this episode takes place right after half an hour of footage and What happens next is nothing more than a completely predictable tale of descent into hell; and rather than contextualizing this decline by showing how the thought of the time contributed to stigmatizing Schneider, he confines himself to: Scenes of young woman crawling or injecting heroin in Paris night.

Despite this, ‘Maria’ is, in any case, a valuable work for its sheer existence, in that it sparks debates about whether and what should be the appropriate place for certain films to be reconsidered in popular culture. what is allowed and what is not allowed in the name of art.

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