Ukrainian men can still be sent summons via mobile app 18:06

After the recent entry into force of the mobilization law in Ukraine, subpoenas will be sent to residents of the country electronically, including through the reserve+ mobile application. This was reported by the publication “”.

Referring to the words of Deputy Minister of Defense Ekaterina Chernogorenko, it was announced that the “Reserve+” mobile application “will soon have the function of electronic referral to medical examination.” This is presented as a convenience: men will not have to go to the Regional Recruiting Center (TCC, an analogue of the military registration and enlistment office) on their own to undergo a medical examination by military doctors. The publication explains that a referral for a medical examination is actually a subpoena.

The Reserve+ application was implemented on May 18, the day the new mobilization law came into force. After launch AppearedSchoolchildren and parents of Ukraine say that it was created on the basis of the application “Mriya” and that it is a very useful tool for submitting homework, missed lessons, grades, etc. He said that there were lines of code related to .

May 18, 2024 in Ukraine entered into force Law on tightening mobilization. According to the innovations, people included in the register of persons responsible for military service will lose the right to travel abroad, use their funds, drive a car, conduct real estate transactions and issue documents such as passports and foreign passports.

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Chernogorenko, formerly Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine declarationThere will be no electronic subpoenas in Ukraine, as it is not provided for by law.

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Source: Gazeta


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