Marta Calvo essay | They wanted Jorge Ignacio Palma 120 years in prison for murder and sexual abuse

Prosecutor wanted Jorge Ignacio Palma 120 years in prison for sexual abuse as an essential tool for crime of murder Martha BaldArliene Ramos and Lady Marcela Vargassexual abuse against seven women and crimes against public health.

The disappearance of Marta Calvo and the accusations at the jury trial of the author who confessed to the alleged murder of two other young women, Jorge Ignacio Palma and the Prosecutor’s Office presented their results this ThursdayAfter Palma announced on Wednesday that he had not killed any women.

For the death of three women wants 15 years in prison for eachabsolute disqualification, ten years probation while serving a prison sentence and compensation of 90,000 euros for Marta Calvo’s parents, 180,000 euros for the children of Lady Marcela Vargas – minors and 22,000 euros for Arliene Ramos’ sister.

Prosecution initially sought 130 years in prison for three murders, eleven sexual abuse and one public health crimereduced by ten years due to the withdrawal of the private charge of one of the women.

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