Six in 10 employees believe it should be mandatory for companies to offer savings products to complete retirement

61% of Spanish employees He believes it should be mandatory for companies to offer products that complement the public pension, which is already a reality in some countries of the European Union. This is one of the conclusions of the study.Social Security Third Barometer for Retirement” Nationale-Nederlanden Employee Benefits is a sociological study prepared by 40dB based on 1,000 surveys of permanent contract workers and Human Resources managers of 394 companies in companies located in Spain.

According to the same research, a fact that has an explanation, 56% of employees thinks that the public pension will not be sufficient during retirement; and almost 60% believe it will be less than €1,000 per month.

However, only 12% indicated that their income would be slightly affected during this period. pensionMore than half of them do not have any products to complement them, the main reason for this is not being able to allocate financial resources.

Items are a little stretched out but great value

The data collected in this way Barometer It shows that only 9% of Spanish employees have a complementary savings solution for retirement through the company. Employment pension plan is the most common (74%) contract product, followed by pension insurance (45%).

However, although they are not very well established, the study highlights that these systems are well received. work social security among employees. Thus, 65% of those who benefit from any of these solutions value them positively (giving a score between 7 and 10), while those who use pension insurance continue with those who state that they are most satisfied with the product (77%). those with a pension plan (60%) and those who participate in a corporate social security plan (55%).

A good assessment by both employees who already use these systems and those who do not. actually, just 11% of respondents If your company offers you such an option, you agree that you will not set aside a portion of your salary to contribute to your retirement. What’s more, 51% say they will invest part of their salary into it and contribute an average of more than €1,700 per year.

A factor for attracting and retaining talent

Another of the “Social Security Third Barometer for Retirement” classes Nationale-Nederlanden Employee Rights retirement savings products through companies have a very positive effect on the company-employee relationship and act as an element of loyalty and talent retention.

Thus, employees who benefit from such products are more satisfied with their jobs. employment status (average satisfaction 7.4 vs. 6.8 for those without). Additionally, valuation under the NPS methodology is significantly higher among those with a company product to complete their retirement versus those with a company product to complete their retirement. those who do not own both their company’s advice as a workplace (18% against 24%, 7-10% response) and their products and/or services (22% vs. 16%).

Similarly, 42% will consider when choosing their next job, the fact that the company offers retirement savings products, so offering these products, in addition to acting as an anchor in talent retention, distinguishing factor in its attractiveness.

Retirement anxiety is related to age and increases after the age of 45, but it should be noted that there is still a great lack of information about the options that employees can take advantage of to save for their retirement. In this sense, savings products enjoying a very good rating among companies and“Owning and having them is a key element when it comes to retaining and attracting talent, especially in an increasingly competitive context like the one we live in right now.” Juan Marina, director of Employee Benefits at the business division Nationale-Nederlanden, which specializes in compensation and protection solutions for employees and managers, explains.

Updating the sociological study “Social Security Barometer for Retirement” de Nationale-Nederlanden Employee Benefits derived from an analysis of 1,000 surveys of permanent contract workers at companies based in Spain, including the provinces on the island, excluding Ceuta and Melilla. For this, online interviews were conducted from a panel with a quota of age, gender, and Autonomous Communities. The study presents a sampling error of ±3% for a 95% confidence level under the assumption of simple random sampling.

Nationale-Nederlanden About Spain

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Nationale-Nederlanden Spain has a business unit specializing in compensation and protection solutions for employees and managers: Nationale-Nederlanden Employee Rights with more than 20 years of experience. More than 9,900 customers trust us to protect the future of 15 of 35 IBEX-35 companies, as well as more than 414,000 employees, including government agencies, multinationals and SMEs.

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