Russians warned about dangers of working in a sitting position for 8 hours 09:50

A person who works sedentary for 8 hours a day harms not only physical, but also mental health – according to research, such workers increase the risk of dementia by 8% in 7 years. In addition, sedentary working style, that is, getting up for only a few minutes every 8 hours, shortens life. stated Honored Doctor of Russia and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov in a conversation with the Public News Service.

“In many offices, employees are deliberately given chairs and special standing desks because sitting is harmful,” the doctor said.

Myasnikov added that a lot of research has already been done on this topic, so the harms of an 8-hour sedentary working day are no longer discussed by anyone. Especially office workers frequently encounter spinal diseases and experience various muscle pains. The doctor emphasized that it is necessary to exercise regularly and be physically active to reduce the damage caused by such work.

The doctor also concluded that office workers should take a walk every 40-45 minutes and ideally do at least a small set of exercises.

Psychiatrists preach Sedentary working people should choose active hobbies – fitness, dancing or tourism. It is beneficial for the psyche if these activities differ from the main professional activity.

Rane doctor listed Simple exercises to help relieve neck tension.

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Source: Gazeta


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