Scientists turned soybean biodiesel waste into raw material for 3D printing 01:48

American scientists from the University of Louisville in Kentucky have developed a method to recycle biodiesel production waste from soybeans and turn them into 3D printing material. The research was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Biological Resources and Bioproducts (JBB).

The team created a process to convert organic non-glycerol (MONG) materials into copolymers suitable for forming filaments in a 3D printer.

MONG is formed by the breakdown of soybean oil into methyl esters (which act as fuel) and glycerol. It consists of non-glycerol free fatty acids, triglycerides and other organic residues.

Researchers characterized soy MONG and evaluated its potential as a copolymer for the production of 3D printing raw materials. They focused on improving the thermal stability of MONG through two pretreatments: an acid and a combination of acid and peroxide.

The result is a stabilized paste with increased crystallinity and production of low molecular weight fatty acids that is well suited for copolymerization with thermoplastic polymers.

Scientists say the discovery will help remove the increasing amounts of non-glycerol organic matter produced during soy biodiesel production and thrown into landfills.

Previous researchers returned spend the chicken fat on the super capacitor.

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Source: Gazeta


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