A nine-year-old boy who fell from the window in Kaliningrad was saved by the thuja planted by his neighbor 20:56

In Kaliningrad, a nine-year-old boy survived after falling from a fourth-floor window. In this respect he is writing “Klops,” quoting a source in the region’s emergency services.

According to information provided by an insider, the student, who grew up in a wealthy and large family, was left alone at home on May 13. The boy later said he opened the window and watched teenagers playing football on the playground, at one point leaning on the window sill and flying down.

It was stated that the thuja tree that the family’s neighbor had recently planted near the house saved the child’s life. He cushioned the fall, but the victim was still injured. He was urgently taken to the Regional Children’s Hospital.

The Regional Investigation Committee launched an investigation into the incident. A procedural decision will be made based on the results.

Previously director of the trampoline center in the Tomsk region sent to hearing For a child who fell on a climbing wall.

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Source: Gazeta


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