Pablo Motos accused Nebulossa after his place in Eurovision: “Can we make a little effort?”

Eurovision 2024 The competition ended last Saturday with the victory of Swiss representative Nemo with the song ‘The Code’. Days after the final, the festival continues its presence on television with meetings in different venues such as ‘El Hormiguero’. The program was presented yesterday Pablo Motos He devoted his last minutes to the most controversial edition of the festival.

“Switzerland won Eurovision and in the end Spain finished 22 out of 25”The host began by saying, as one of the ants made fun of Nebulossa’s location: “Oh, almost!”

The first person to express his opinion Reuben AmonA self-proclaimed “very slight” fan of the contest. He also used winner Nemo’s non-binary status to joke with the country he represented: “In geopolitical circumstances like these, let a neutral country win… It’s not non-binary that wins, Switzerland itself is non-binaryBecause we never know where he is.”

“Do you remember when Sánchez criticized those who discussed ‘Zorra’ and said that they preferred ‘Cara al sol’? I think we would have gone much further with ‘Cara al sol’.” Head of Government at the Eurovision meeting: “‘Cara al sol’ sung beautifully with your arm in the air… Very beautiful! And with all the members of the fachosphere singing it.”

Pablo Motos, reviewer of ‘Zorra’

Rosa Belmonte He put Israel’s controversial involvement on the table, calling the televised vote’s focus on the country “surprising”. “So how do you interpret this? I don’t understand. Is it meant as a joke?”he asked himself Juan del Val: “Those who watched the festival were very angry with Israel’s participation, they booed… Then the people at home also voted for Israel.” “Because there’s a wall and the people on one side want to screw the people on the other side and vote for Israel,” Belmonte said.

Moreover, Juan del Val once again admitted that he liked Nebulossa’s candidacy, as he did in ‘La Roca’: “What was done to Spain seems unfair to me. I love the song very much, I sang it more.”. “This song will be playing all summer long. Pedro Sánchez wasn’t right about the amnesty, but he was right about this. It’s a fear,” said the talk show host, who nevertheless immediately attacked Mery Bas: “The girl doesn’t sing well and doesn’t dance well.”

The person tasked with closing the discussion was Pablo Motos himself, who asked a question to the table to share his personal opinion on the subject. “Not now, because it already happened. But maybe next year we can try a little harder? And bring in someone we say… Dude!”The server crashed, thus putting Nebulossa’s victory at the Benidorm Festival into question.

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