Expert rules out the possibility of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine after drills 12:57

The editor of the magazine “Material and technical support of the Russian Armed Forces” meets with military expert Boris Dzherelievsky He commented on the upcoming exercises of the Russian Federation and Belarus to test the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons. According to him, after the maneuvers it is unlikely that such weapons will be used in Ukraine.

“I strongly doubt that tactical nuclear weapons can be used on the territory of former Ukraine. Because perhaps the people living here, without even suspecting it, are our future citizens. This is our territory. <...> Therefore, it is unlikely that we will even use tactical nuclear weapons in this direction,” Dzherelievsky said.

6 May Russian Ministry of Defense reportedHe said that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, on behalf of President Vladimir Putin, has started preparations for exercises with missile formations of the Southern Military District and Navy forces. During the exercises, a number of measures regarding the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons will also be studied.

Later Kremlin press service statedIt was stated that Russia and Belarus have started preparations for joint exercises to test the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.

Previously in the Kremlin explainedwhat exercises involving the launch of nuclear weapons are all about.

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Source: Gazeta


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