It has been revealed which sugar does not cause childhood obesity 11:10

Scientists from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) found that the absorption of sugar from fruits and liquid dairy products is less likely to lead to obesity in children compared to the abuse of baked goods, chocolate and sweet yoghurts. This study showed presented At the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) held in Italy between 12-15 May.

891 children participated in the research. At age three, the subjects’ parents were asked to talk about their child’s diet and describe how often they consumed vegetables, fruits, grains, starches, nuts, legumes, meat, eggs, butter, milk and dairy products, coffee and dairy products. tea, sugary drinks, homemade and ready meals, soups, confectionery and chocolate, sauces and refined sugar.

In the second phase of the study, when the participants were 10-11 years old, researchers measured their height and weight. Scientists sought to find out how total sugar intake affects the risk of obesity in children.

The results showed that the total (possibly increasing) amount of sugar consumed in early childhood was not a risk factor for obesity at ages 10-11. The type of sugar source played a more important role in the pathogenesis of obesity.

Children who consumed large amounts of liquid dairy products and fruits had a reduced risk of becoming overweight. Abuse of confectionery products, chocolate and sweet milk, on the contrary, increased the likelihood of developing obesity.

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