US Congress plans to ban decommissioning of old thermonuclear warheads 02:28

The Lower House of the US Congress has proposed banning the decommissioning of old W76-2 thermonuclear warheads installed on strategic missile submarines. This is reported with reference to the draft American defense budget. RIA News.

The document states that the National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) should be prohibited from reconverting or retiring W76-2 warheads.

The ban could be lifted if NNSA leadership confirms to Congress that Moscow and Beijing do not have similar capabilities and that the Pentagon has no military need to retain the W76-2 warheads.

Formerly a member of the US House of Representatives suggested Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin will report on the possible consequences of a nuclear explosion in space no later than February 28, 2025.

Formerly US Air Force loss strategic bomber B-2 Spirit.

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Source: Gazeta


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