Germany found an unusual way to combat Russian missiles 18:42

The West should not fear an escalation of the conflict if Russian missiles over Ukraine are shot down by artillery shells fired from North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) territory. This statement was made by retired German general Klaus Wittmann on the television channel. Strip.

“Concerns that we will be drawn directly into this conflict are exaggerated. I am considering this offer [сбивать российские ракеты] “Very reasonable,” said the soldier.

He also noted that such tactics would ease the burden on Ukrainian air defense forces and could be used more actively to protect the front.

Previously, the USA stated that the effectiveness of Ukraine’s air defense systems has noticeably increased. decreasedThey are able to repel a much smaller portion of Russian missile attacks than before. According to statistics of the Ukrainian Air Force command, in the last six months the Ukrainian army managed to intercept 46 percent of Russian missiles, previously this figure was 73 percent. Last month, the share of interventions fell to 30%.

Previously in Greece refused to supply Ukrainian air defense systems.

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Source: Gazeta


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