In the Chelyabinsk region, a dump truck hit an eight-year-old pedestrian 08:15

Chelyabinsk police are trying to establish the circumstances of the accident involving a dump truck. In this respect reports Regional traffic police.

The incident occurred on the 26th kilometer of the Chelyabinsk – Novosibirsk highway. A Shacman car hit a little cyclist who decided to cross the road at an unspecified location.

In the images taken from the scene, it can be seen that the rear wheel of the bicycle was crushed by a large vehicle.

“An underage cyclist born in 2016 was physically injured as a result of a traffic accident,” the ministry said.

There was no statement about the nature of the injuries or the child’s condition. Traffic police also reminded that citizens on bicycles should give way to traffic.

Before that, a schoolboy in Ufa It turned out to be under the wheels of a car driven by a life safety instructor. According to journalists, the teacher at that time was in a hurry to attend an event dedicated to Victory Day.

The child did not suffer any serious injuries. According to the source, the fault lies with both the driver and the pedestrian.

Before that, a child in Ulyanovsk To get on He crashed into the football goal with his bike.

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Source: Gazeta


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