Regional emergency regime was implemented in 9 settlements of the Omsk region 21:06

Due to floods, a regional emergency regime was introduced in 9 settlements in the Ust-Ishim district of the Omsk region. This is being discussed Web site Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in the Omsk Region.

“In the villages of Ashevany, Kolpakovo, Malaya Igiza, Thurmetyaki, Ebargul, in the village of Aterinki, in the villages of Bolshaya Tebendnya, Slobodchiki, Ust-Ishim of the Ust-Ishim municipal district, a regional emergency regime has been in force since May. 12, 2024” follows the message.

According to the Ministry, the state of the environment is constantly monitored and measures are taken to protect and inform the population.

They started from areas located in the flood zone in the Omsk region on May 12 I’m evacuating women and children. Regional head Vitaly Khotsenko noted that although the situation was difficult, it was still controllable.

Before reportedThe 1.5 km long and 9.5 m high earthen embankment, built to protect against floods in the Ust-Ishimsky district of the Omsk region, was washed away.

Previously an official in the Omsk region named “Clowns” of flood victims.

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Source: Gazeta


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