‘The longest night’: Netflix offers a psychological play in a psychiatric prison

this prison series they are one of a kind. ‘Escape from prison’, ‘Orange is the new black’ or ‘Vis a vis’ are some of the most famous games added on Friday, July 8th. ‘The longest night’ new spanish Netflix series. The novelty of this offer is action and‘Thriller’ is usual in this type of productions, a very up-to-date theme is added here. mental health, because fiction is a neuropsychiatric prison. The inmates are held captive by the guards guarding the center’s security, but are also patients by the doctors who treat them.

Another of the distinguishing elements of this series created by Victor Sierra Y Xose Morais (‘Néboa’, ‘Serramoura’) and director Oscar Pedraza (‘Patria’, ‘Sky Rojo’) her six episodes they take place in one night, that long evening mentioned in the title. And not just any night since it’s Christmas Eve.

On this momentous date, a group of armed men surround the prison. Baruca Mountain and cut off communication with the outside. His aim is to kill Simón Lago (Louis Callejo), a dangerous serial killer. If the guards surrender him, the attack will end in a few minutes. But Hugh (Albert Ammann), the prison warden refuses to obey and prepares to resist the attack. Over the course of the episodes, their motives, as well as those of the attackers, will be revealed.

Mental health and moral dilemmas

“‘The Longest Night’ has ‘suspense’, drama, action, even love, but it’s also mental health and moral dilemmas Hugo opposes,” explains Barbara Goenaga, playing Elisa, the center’s psychiatrist and the girlfriend of the prison warden. The actor adds that he “understands his partner’s interests but also wants to protect his patients,” as his character wobbles between two waters.

Bárbara Goenaga in ‘The Longest Night’.

Like his other friends on The Longest Night, Amman continues, “Hugo’s decisions to protect his own life put many people’s lives at risk.” help from a psychiatrist working in a center similar to the one in the series to prepare his character. “Knowing how to treat patients helped us a lot,” says Goenaga.

The actor from ‘Celda 211’ and ‘Narcos’ highlights the fact that the series is set in a neuropsychiatric prison, “which opens the door to the possibility of seeing wonderful interpretations of extreme characters.” There is room for the roles of prisoners played by actors like Callejo. Daniel Albaladejo, Cecilia Freire, Lucia Díez and David Solansand from the aggressors to those who died Jose Luis Garcia Perez, Roberto Alamo and Laia Manzanares. Main cast completed Xabier Deive and Sabela Aran like two guards.

“The challenge Xosé Morais and Víctor Sierra have managed to overcome is understanding what the characters are doing, even if you don’t agree with them,” says Goenaga of this testosterone-laden series with female characters. with a certain weight.

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