Wine calendar 2024: Which wine to drink in every month of the year?

Bocopa has been the world leader in organic wines since 1996 and is gaining recognition for its wines at provincial, national and even international levels every year.

Inside Bacchus 2024At the fair, which is one of the important events of the wine industry, 103 leading tasters from 28 countries evaluated more than 1,985 wines presented. Of these, 621 wines received awards: 71 Grand Gold, 412 Gold and 138 Silver.

Spain took the podiumBacchus reaffirmed itself as the premier showcase of Ibero-American wines and spirits worldwide. Wines from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Portugal were among the highlights. Completing the international podium were Slovakia, Czech Republic and Moldova, as well as significant entries from Germany, Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand.

1,985 references were recorded, Alicante wineries won 9 medals and Bocopa achieved: 3 medals

馃帠锔廈accus Big Gold: Laudum Fondill贸n

馃帠锔廈accus Gold: Laudum XII Plus

馃帠锔廈accus Silver: Laudum Oak


Alicante Castle Nature young BOCOPA / INFORMATION

Alicante Castle Nature young

January is a cold month and it is also the month when we recover from the excesses of Christmas. We choose this organic wine without any synthetic chemical processing. After a long maceration and controlled fermentation, this wine appears with a beautiful, wide and dense dress that pairs well with appetizers, cheeses, p芒t茅s, ham, rice and vegetables.



Laudum Crianza

It’s still cold and we want spoons and plates. Few things taste better than a meat dish and an intense red wine to accompany it. It is suitable for the entire Mediterranean diet and especially red meat. The wine is completed with 60% Monastrell, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot according to the winemaker’s taste.


Laudum chardonnay fermented in barrels BOCOPA / INFORMATION

Laudum chardonnay fermented in barrels

We chose this 100% Chardonnay wine for fish lovers. It is a perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish, rice, pasta and white meat. Baked sea bass with potatoes and seasonal vegetables? This wine, which has a broad and silky taste on the palate, is balanced with the vanilla provided by the oak wood.



Laudum Dulcenegra

April is synonymous with rain, Easter and typical sweets. We chose this 100% Monastrell wine, which is sweet, very fruity, meaty, strong, with slightly tannic pulp notes that enhance and contrast its personality and are pleasant to the palate. It has a broad and unforgettable taste. It is ideal to surprise each guest with desserts and various pastries to accompany them.


Laudum Nature Young BOCOPA / INFORMATION

Laudum Nature Young

It is the perfect wine for spring. This organic wineIt reflects respect for nature with a chemical-free cultivation made with Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell. While its color resembles ripe cherries, its raspberry and blackberry aromas evoke spring freshness. Combining warmth and young tannic expression on the palate, it is ideal to accompany light dishes such as seasonal appetizers, cheeses and rice. Drinking Laudum Nature Joven in spring celebrates natural renewal with a wine that promises a unique sensory experience.



Terreta Vermouth

The San Juan Bonfires in Alicante are an explosion of joy and tradition and the ideal setting to enjoy the Mediterranean Essence of Terreta Vermouth. This vermouth, handcrafted by Bocopa, captures the essence of the holiday with the combination of wormwood, herbs, roots, spices, flowers and fruits. Your foundation 100% Muscat grape It is reflected in mahogany color with amber tones, aromatic aromas of herbs and spices with touches of citrus.

On the palate, Terreta Vermouth It provides an intense and balanced flavor with a subtle bitter note that makes it perfect to pair with the flavors of Hogueras. Coca amb is the ideal companion for tonyina and coca alicante. Coca amb tonyina, with its mixture of tuna, pine nuts and sofrito, finds a perfect counterpoint in this vermouth that enhances its flavor, just like Alicante coca with sardines and vegetables, it is wonderfully complemented by bitter and spicy notes. vermouth.

Drinking Terreta Vermouth during the San Juan Bonfires is a way to fully immerse yourself in the culture and gastronomy of Alicante.



Benidorm Manor

This wine is Blend of 70% Monastrell and 30% Syrahcaptures the essence of the joy and culinary diversity of this iconic coastal city.

Se帽or铆o de Benidorm attracts attention with its clean and bright color with a cherry heart, cherry meniscus and violet edge that reflects the light of the Mediterranean. On the nose, a variety of aromas ranging from dark fruits and forest fruits to nuances of Mediterranean shrubs are complemented by touches of pastry and spice.

This wine surprises with a dry attack on the palate, followed by a wide, round and sweet palate. The center of the mouth reveals a large load of fruit that leads to a long, lingering base with a balsamic flavour. This complexity makes it an ideal accompaniment to a wide range of typical dishes, including the traditional cuisine of Benidorm and its surroundings, from a variety of tapas to rice and red meats.

HE Benidorm Manor It fascinates not only for its organoleptic qualities, but also for its recognition in the wine field, with 90 points in the Pe帽铆n Guide 2018 and more than 5 gold medals, including the Gold Medal in the prestigious Challenge International du Vin de Bordeaux competition.



Marina Alta

Summer is synonymous with freshness, sun and unforgettable moments, and the best way to complete these days is to 100% Muscat wine of Alexandria. This white wine from Alicante is the perfect companion for summer, offering a unique sensory experience that captures the essence of the season.

The wine visually seduces with its pale straw, crystalline and bright color, reminiscent of the brightness of summer days. On the nose, it reveals itself as an aromatic and fruity work of art, emphasizing the deep notes of fresh Muscat with hints of Alsace. The presence of white flowers and fresh fruits make it an intense, subtle and elegant fragrance pleasure.

On the palate, this wine surprises with its richness and fruity character, as well as distinctive anise and fennel notes that add complexity and freshness. The perfect combination between acidity and sugar makes a unique, very special, balanced and round wine, ideal to enjoy on the hottest days.

Its gastronomic versatility makes it the ideal companion for a wide variety of typical summer dishes, from fresh seafood and fish to rice, paella and pasta. It is also perfect as an aperitif, perfect to enjoy anytime and anywhere, whether on the terrace at sunset or dining by the sea, adding freshness, flavor and elegance to every sip, turning every moment into a special one. Mediterranean sun.



Laudum XII Plus

The heat begins to cool and it’s time to get back to work. We need a fruity wine that reminds us of summer, but with the energy to face another challenging year. Laudum XII Plus, the name famous for the balance of its wines, will answer this question.

Selected from the old Monastrell vineyards in the Vinalop贸 valley, which are over 40 years old. It consists of the places Cascante in La Ca帽ada, Rinc贸n del Moro in Sax and Caholla in Castalla in the geographical triangle of the province of Alicante. Laudum XII Plus was aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels and 12 months in bottle before being released in March 2019.

Cherry color with intense ruby 鈥嬧媏dges. Ripe fruits, black raspberries, blueberries, spices, mineral notes and Mediterranean shrubs stand out on the nose. It’s delicious, balanced, and its fruits stand out more in the mouth than fried ones. Hints of spice, licorice and dried fruits. I have a sweet tooth. Long finish.



Laudum Oak

A harmonious blend of 70% Monastrell and 30% Syrah, this wine attracts attention with its cherry red color with violet tones. It offers violet notes on the nose and a deep aroma in the background. Ripe black fruits, spices and balsamic touches This image, intensified after publication, reveals the nuances of dates, figs and Mediterranean flora. In the mouth, it is structured and fruity, with ripe tannins that promise longevity and a long finish of spicy and mineral notes. It is a versatile wine in gastronomy, ideal for accompaniment. from tapas to paella, with a variety of meats and cheesesIt stands out with its freshness and harmony with various dishes.


Sparkling Navy Blue BOCOPA / INFORMATION

sparkling navy

This sparkling wine is just 100% Alexandria Muscat grapeThe perfect gift to give at Christmas, you can stock up on your orders so you don’t run out of quantities come November. It is characterized by its pale and bright color and a very thin crest forming a delicate crown. Aromatically strong and elegant, it emphasizes notes of citrus and tropical fruits. With its broad and balanced palate, smooth and refreshing texture, it is ideal to accompany appetizers, light meals and desserts. A sophisticated wine that you can enjoy at any festive occasion.

It has a very pale, crystalline and shiny color. Delicate crown with very small bubbles, fast release, permanent rosary.

Strong, thin and elegant nose with wonderful Moscatel variety expression, containing notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This sparkling wine from Alicante has ample, very soft, balanced, fruity nuances and a very fine bubbly that makes it refreshing and smooth.


Laudum Fondill贸n Gourmet BOCOPA / INFORMATION

Laudum Fondill贸n Gourmet

With its cozy and festive atmosphere, winter is the perfect time to give and enjoy Laudum Fondill贸n Gourmet, a wine that represents not only the high quality of the wine but also the history and identity of Alicante.

made with 100% Monastrell grapes from old vinesis a gift that conveys tradition and elegance. Carefully selected grapes with small, sweet berries were harvested in 1988 at the optimum point of ripeness to ensure high sugar concentration. This not only guarantees the quality of the wine, but also reflects the care and dedication put into its production.

Much more than a wine; This is part of the history of Alicante, a legacy preserved and delivered in every bottle. Its deep and complex taste and aroma make it an ideal companion for typical winter dishes and Christmas celebrations. Whether paired with a delicious roast, complementing a rich and spicy dessert, or enjoyed alone in front of the fireplace, this Fondill贸n adds warmth and depth to any moment.

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