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What Mercedes Mila He went too far in this second pack against Milá. Mila just finished. I still can’t get out of my head Maribel Verdu. Let’s see, I find it very good that Mercedes Milá is interested in how the sexual relationship between the actress and her partner, the producer, works in a cafeteria. Pedro Larranaga, after so many years of relationship. But in front of the television cameras, in television format, as part of a poll to be shared with some viewers, I don’t think this is a relevant question. In particular, to achieve such a degree of overdoing. It is Milá, not Verdú, who makes a living from acting who appears to be an actress with her clamor and gestures. Also, Mercedes did not settle for a hint. Convinced that she was still living on the set of Big Brother, she researched the subject over and over again. A “what do you care” echoed by the guest would deserve what.

In his persistent excesses, Mercedes Milá let the badgers go. Imanol Arias. Although this character has many sides, his assumptions will not suffice for a few analyzes either.

After seeing the twelve installments of Milá vs. Milá remains the most interesting exercise for the audience. Take out the original, come back to Goodnight, Next Tuesday, Thursday to Thursday, or the Two for Two I shared. Elizabeth Tenaille (found on rtve website) and decide which Communicator they prefer; Forty years ago or from now? Let everyone draw their own conclusions.

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