The group that attacked Ronaldo’s home in Ibiza was based in Malaga.

5 people arrested in Diyarbakir Malaga alleged involvement in an incident Two-week attack on luxury homeslast processed Former Brazilian football player’s home in Ibiza Ronaldo Nazario The Italian player spent a few days Marco Verratti They took a loot of about three million euros in jewelery and watches. As reported to the organization by the National Police, settled in the Veleño cores of Chilches and Valle-Nizathey are cited ten robberies Costa del Sol, four in the state Murcia and one in the Alicante municipality of Pilar de la Horadada. Others Two arrested while returning by ferry from Ibiza to Denia (Alicante) as a robbery suspect accused by Verratti. Researchers found in the airbag compartment From the vehicle in which the stolen items from the Paris Saint-Germain player were traveling.

The investigation began at the end of 2021. Robbery at luxury villas in Costa del Sol, Murcia and Ibiza on important dates such as New Year’s Eve Y New year He added 300,000 euros worth of stolen goods. Initial research has shown that a Albanian gang Traveling to Spain for the time required to select and commit each attack. For this they use powerful rental cars to those who change The license plate number was and disabled the systems GPS as security measures. As the investigation progressed, agents confirmed that the group had chosen it. homes of big businessmen and celebrities in private areas around the country and people who visit them to review the security measures available to them. They used elements of disguise and transmission equipment to communicate with each other during attacks, which often began with scaling the perimeter walls of buildings.

The figure stood out in the group A married couple residing in Malaga It was tasked with facilitating the logistics necessary for attacks such as vehicles, money, accommodation, and even choosing a house. The crux of the investigation is when the agents substitution of those responsible for the organization to the cities Malaga, Barcelona and Ibiza on the same daya cause for suspicion close blow. Shortly after, on June 28, after learning of Verratti’s robbery at Ronaldo’s home, the National Police learned that these two were two people. Moving on one of the ferries connecting Ibiza to Alicante, so they activated a device in Denia port to stop them. In an action where the intervention of the Technical Interventions Operational Group is required, agents in the compartment, airbag A few of the luxury watches stolen during the traveler’s Ibiza heist.

Following the arrest of these two members, agents identified the other five members in Malaga province. After his arrest, two house searches were conducted in Valle-Niza and Chilches, two in Vélez-Malaga and a third in Ibiza, which found implications linking those arrested in 15 other attacks on luxury homes, 10 of which were in Spain. . Four in Malaga, Murcia, and one in Alicante.

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