Illinois attacker posted about violent content and gun attacks on networks

last suspect pull massive United States of Americaoccurring in the town According to local media reports, there were videos and messages of violence, including a staging of a school attack in Highland Park, Illinois, in which six people were killed, on social networks.

Robert Crimo, 22, arrested on Sunday nightNearly eight hours after he shot himself off a roof at the participants and spectators of the July 4th parade in this town outside of Chicago.

The young man was a rapper and posted numerous messages and videos on social networks.including a staged school shooting and another where he simulated his own death in a shootout with police, according to local media like WGN9.

He has represented various forms of murder in his videos, and in one of the recent videos he shows the decapitation., NBC reported. The YouTube video site shut down the young man’s page on Monday night.

“Most of the videos posted by Rit really reflected a plan and a desire to commit a massacre.Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said on CNN this morning.

Rotering also complained that there were “weapons of war” that people could legally purchase in the United States to commit crimes similar to those that occurred in this town.

The media also spread Video of Robert Crimo’s Monday night arrestIt took place eight hours after this shooting, in which six people were killed and two dozen others injured.

Among the dead is Mexican national Nicolás Toledo, who has been an immigrant to the United States for decades to visit family in Highland Park.

The deceased’s grandson, Xochil Toledo, revealed to the Chicago Sun Times that his father was also injured while trying to protect his grandfather from bullets.

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