Civil Guard and National Police search Aragon for a dangerous French fugitive

Around the Oroel rock appeared the bike, from which the criminal was to escape from Tarbes (France). Agents are scanning the area to find the 33-year-old man of French descent, who has been identified as CT. can be armed.

Fugitive wanted since last Monday escaped after killing two teachers From the school of Desaix in the French municipality, on the motorcycle that appeared in Spain. An alarm was raised by a neighbor who suspected the movements of a driver near the house, which was located on a road where the incidents took place. When he left, he saw a woman lying on the floor outside the house and informed the police, whoever found the body of a man inside was also shot.

The deceased were a 55-year-old man and father of two girls and a 32-year-old woman, mother of two children. He was found shot dead in the street a few meters from his home.

Source: Informacion


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