US is confident that Russian Armed Forces used chloropicrin in Ukraine 01:09

The US State Department announced that it imposed sanctions on the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Corps (RCBZ) of the Russian Armed Forces and a number of Russian institutes, companies and their leaders after receiving information that Russia used the toxic substance called chloropicrin in Ukraine. . This was reported by RIA NewsHe notes that Washington has provided no evidence to support these accusations.

From open sources it appears that chloropicrin was of military importance during the First World War and is currently used for pest control in agriculture, as well as for testing the usability of gas masks and for training purposes.

“The State Department has concluded that Russia used chloropicrin chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the State Department said in a statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the use of such chemicals was not an isolated incident. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that such steps are motivated by the desire of Russian forces to dislodge the Ukrainian Armed Forces from fortified positions and gain tactical advantages on the battlefield.

May 1 at the US Treasury statedWashington has imposed sanctions against the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian Federation.

April 10 sources in law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation reportedHe said that the Ukrainian army dropped glass bottles containing poisonous substances from drones. According to experts, it may be white phosphorus or adamsite. Both substances can attack the lungs and slow the heart rate.

Previously Belgorod police It has been ordered Carry chemical protection kits with you.

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Source: Gazeta


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