Scientists found new similarities between modern Earth and ancient Mars 18:14

An international team of scientists from the United States, France and other countries has discovered abnormally high levels of manganese oxide in rocks at the bottom of a lake in Gale Crater on Mars. The research was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets (JGRP).

The team analyzed rocks collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The materials are a mixture of sand, clay and silt.

The research team examined how manganese might have become enriched in these sands (for example, through leaching from lakeshore or estuary sands into groundwater) and what oxidizing agent might be responsible for manganese precipitation in the sands.

According to experts, since manganese oxides are difficult to form on the surface of Mars, the team did not expect to find this element in such concentrations.

“On Earth, such deposits occur all the time due to the high oxygen content from photosynthetic life in our atmosphere, as well as microbes that help catalyze manganese oxidation reactions.

“We have no evidence of life on Mars, and the mechanism of oxygen production in Mars’ ancient atmosphere is unclear, so it’s really puzzling how manganese oxide forms and concentrates there,” said study leader and Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Patrick Gasda.

Scientists believe their discovery points to the similarity of the ancient Martian environment to modern Earth. Manganese oxides may indicate that the Red Planet once had more oxygen and may have supported microbial life.

Planetary scientists before to come It was concluded that ancient Mars was most likely a desolate world like modern Mars.

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