It’s harder for the US to develop military potential because of leadership mistakes 02:54

Erik Prince, an American entrepreneur and founder of a private military company, talked about the difficulties that the United States faces in developing its military potential due to errors in the policy and strategy adopted by the country’s leadership. He talked about this in an article published in I magazine.M-1776.

Prince noted that America’s current military capacity and ability to project power to the world are under serious doubt.

The entrepreneur drew attention to the “endless wars” strategy that the United States continues to follow, considering that the country is moving forward by disconnecting from reality and ignoring the lessons of history.

Prince also expressed the view that the current military policy of the American government is focused not on real victory in armed conflicts, but on the interests of a small circle of corporate contractors.

In addition, the company’s founder noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington officials decided to expand NATO instead of ending the existence of the alliance. In his opinion, the country abandoned the possibility of constructive interaction with Russia under the influence of “neoconservatives and the military-industrial complex.”

Previously USA appeared Problems with the ability to test hypersonic weapons.

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Source: Gazeta


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