Big telecom companies power up beaches with 5G in summer of tourism boom

Spanish tourism is preparing for a wonderful summer. Major companies in the industry and the Government are anticipating a high summer season when demand is booming and pre-pandemic business levels are assumed to be exceeded. “We will have a summer like the previous ones,” said Fernando Valdés, Minister of State for Tourism, last week.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid and the blow of restrictions to combat it, tourism is finally picking up pace and aiming for an almost complete recovery in Turkey. the first summers of normalcy after the pandemic, despite the blow of inflation and – at least for the time being – the economic uncertainty stemming from Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Awaiting a massive arrival of national and international travelers, major telecoms are mobilized to guarantee full connectivity in destinations with a large tourist influx during the summer season. Each summer, companies expand the capacity of their facilities to meet additional needs due to the concentration of many more users than usual, but tourism boom this year, telecommunications prepares a bigger effort and also strengthens coverage 5G.

Movistar strengthened its power 5G coverage in a total of 312 municipalities especially tourists from all over Spain. Capacity increases are concentrated in 226 coastal towns and 86 other inland municipalities with a large summer influx of travelers, thirteen autonomous communities, and both smaller municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants and larger destinations.

Vodafone also launched to provide connectivity More than 1,000 beaches in 173 municipalities from all over the country. The operator has deployed 5G networks in the coastal areas of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi, Catalonia, Andalusia, the Commonwealth of Valencia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, where the largest populations are concentrated during the summer months.

In recent months, Orange has been expanding its 4G and 5G coverage in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, with a large influx of tourists to guarantee a high-performance service during the summer months. In addition, the French telecom company will constantly reposition its fleet of mobile stations to strengthen its coverage at 85 events, festivals, concerts and popular festivals to be held in 29 cities in Spain, such as the Les Arts festival in Valencia, Primavera. Sound or Madcool.

In full negotiations for its merger with Orange Spain, MásMóvil has deployed its 5G network coverage in more than 900 Spanish towns and its specific plans for the summer season include maximizing connectivity capacity in major beach tourism destinations and offshore. Locations of major events in the summer.

Big telecoms are full 5G deployment process in 700 megahertz band, the next generation mobile communication services will be implemented definitively . Movistar’s special summer coverage includes the opening of more than 500 700 MHz installations, with Telefónica’s goal of reaching the end of the year with 1,400 municipalities connected to this band and reaching 3,400 by 2023.

Orange’s plans include deploying 5G in the 700 MHz band this year to reach more than 1,100 municipalities (960 with more than 50,000 inhabitants and 140 with less than 1,000 inhabitants) throughout the year. For its part, Vodafone is expanding its 5G coverage to 1,000 Spanish municipalities (133 with 50,000 inhabitants, 605 with 1,000 to 50,000 inhabitants, and 245 with less than 1,000 other municipalities) to reach 46% of the population.

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