A former US intelligence officer explained why equipment promised to Ukraine was kept in Poland 17:59

The United States keeps its weapons on Polish territory and is in no hurry to transfer them to Ukraine because they fear that this equipment will be destroyed by Russian troops. about this during an interview for his YouTube channel. Judging Freedom said former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter.

According to him, there is currently a large amount of US weapons on the Polish border. In this regard, the expert asked why this equipment has not yet been sent to Ukraine.

“We found out the hard way that as soon as he crossed the border the Russians blew him up,” Ritter said.

He added that this is why Washington is afraid to provide Kiev with new armored vehicles and offensive missiles. The same goes for artillery shells.

As a former American intelligence officer said, the Russian Armed Forces currently dominate the battlefield. At the same time, the superiority of Russian troops has reached such a level that the “infinite” amount of Western equipment transferred to Ukraine has almost no chance of surviving in the war zone.

April 24 US President Joe Biden signed The law on military assistance to the country’s allies in the person of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The document assumes that Washington will spend about $61 billion to support Kiev.

Previously former CIA analyst statedNo money will help Ukrainian troops.

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Source: Gazeta


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