Scientists learned to change a person’s blood type using bacteria 13:58

A group of scientists from Denmark and Sweden developed a method to change a person’s blood type using bacteria. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine Nature Microbiology (NatMicrob).

The team identified a mixture of enzymes produced by certain types of gut microbes that can convert all types of red blood cells into a universal one. Owners of the first group can receive any type of donor blood without harm to health.

Like almost all cells in the human body, red blood cells are covered with many unique sugary structures called antigens. They vary from person to person: Some structures belong to the second group (A), some to the third group (B). Some have both A and B (the fourth group), while others have neither and are called O.

Previous experiments to convert different blood types into a universal first have failed. Even if all antigens were removed, the blood was still rejected by the recipients’ bodies for unknown reasons.

Based on previous studies, the researchers isolated substances produced by the bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila and treated the red blood cells of several donors with blood groups two and three.

The new enzymes cleared red blood cells of characteristic antigens within 30 minutes at room temperature. The treatment reduced blood type incompatibility to less than 9% and rejection reactions became less severe, scientists said.

Researchers say they have found the missing link in the process of producing a universal blood type. Their discovery could also reduce the risk of organ rejection for organ transplants.

Previous scientists to create Dangerous effect during blood transfusion from donor.

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Source: Gazeta


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