A criminal group that sells products that it has never sent over the internet with attractive offers is falling.

Department Representatives Against Cybercrime Central Operating Unit He disbanded a criminal group dedicated to the sale of products through the Civil Guard. 70 fake web pages and continues to arrest seven of its members.

Their web pages featured very attractive offers of electronic products and devices such as: televisions, washing machines and game consoles, IOthers even love portable pools or sofas. Prices were well below the normal market price with ads and discounts going beyond the sales normally offered.

To pay more attention to their web pages, their creators have paid substantial sums to place them in leading places in the world. search engines most used. After the purchase was completed by the victim and the bank transfer was made, the buyers never received the purchased items.

This fact added to its multiplicity comments Y comments The rejections posted on the network about these sites forced them to claim the scammed amount, as a general rule they could not contact the responsible.

In the few cases where they were successful, they were excused by the fact that such advantageous prices resulted from the joint purchase of different products. providers and large batches of items to be shipped and delivered in the following months, in this case also non-delivery of the purchased item.

hacked website

So far, investigations into these criminal groups have focused on identifying their members and shutting down websites through the respective sites. jurisdiction. In this case, as an added value element, the research focused on finding the server where the web pages are hosted and physically intervening.

This made it possible to configure the Mossos d’Esquadra and Civil Guard logos and a message warning potential customers that the web in question has been tampered with, as well as to disable access to the content of the different web pages examined.

In this way, a deterrent effect was provided for the citizens, and the increase in their number was prevented at the same time. victimsIt was counted the first day after the actions that 1,000 people could be potential victims of these events.

Result of the intervention

The investigation revealed that the scammers were starting more. 70 fake web pages and the scope of the fraud is estimated to be 4,000 victims and approximately 2.5 million euros obtained.

In any case, these are still temporary data and can be increased After extensive analysis of the material intervened during the developed operation.

On Monday, June 27, a joint operation device consisting of eight entry and search applications, six in homes and two in buildings, was carried out in the municipalities of Vallès Oriental, along with the arrest of seven members of the investigated group. aspect Bigues i Riells, La Roca del Vallès, Llicà d’Amunt and Granollers.

During these, electronic devices, computers, various documents, cryptocurrency wallets, several hard drives and a server.

The investigation is still open and the existence of third parties connected to these events, and the presence of more, has not been ruled out. unidentified victims

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