Everything we know about season 5 of Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ Without a doubt, it is the jewel in Netflix’s crown. The numbers confirm this: its fourth season is in the top 10 in 91 countries and is the most-watched series in Spain since the last two episodes of this episode aired on Friday, 1 July. The fire has reached such a point that the 3rd and 2nd seasons have entered the ‘ranks’ of the most watched British TV series in recent days.

It is clear that the history the duffer brothers The length even managed to captivate the audience with its two breakout episodes (the eighth of season 4, one hour and twenty minutes and the ninth, two hours and nineteenth episode). But the ending of the first part of this episode left many speechless when the identity of the terrifying person was revealed. neighbor who were they fighting Kids at Eleven and Hawkins (Indiana) from different settings.

While the last two episodes of season four are still hot, fans are now wondering when the long-awaited fifth episode will arrive; this will be the chapter that will put an end to the hectic tale of these youngsters who can encounter monsters as scary as monsters. most demogorgon and be successful (though not all, because some characters went astray). Here we review everything that is known. fifth season.

When is the premiere?

Last February, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer They have resolved one of the doubts that have been eating away at the show’s audience: will there be a fifth season? They confirmed that yes and that the fourth delivery will be the last as it will be the “beginning of the end” as they qualify.

“Seven years ago we planned the entire story of Stranger Things. At the time we thought the story would run for four or five seasons. It was too long to tell in four, but soon you will see for yourself. , we are fast approaching the end. Season four is the penultimate season. Fifth will be the last‘, they announced in a letter to the audience.

Now the new question arises: When will the fifth one arrive? There’s no fixed date yet, as it’s not even known when filming will begin, so we’ll see what the future brings. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and yours.

Yes, one has to take into account that the waiting time between one installment and the next has increased over the years due to the complexity of the series. It’s been 15 months from the first season to the second season; delay from second to third 21 monthsand reached 34 months, which is almost three years between the third and fourth. However, it should be noted that in this last case the pandemic has a lot to do with it.

What does the plot hold for us?

After watching the last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things, everything is set for the final battle to come to an end to its story. Hawksthat town where nothing happened a few years ago, and which hasn’t stopped accumulating misfortunes over the seasons.

The only thing confirmed is a time skipjust like at the beginning of the fourth episode, this will also help solve one of the biggest problems of the series: the growth rate of its young protagonists, who started out as children and who have already reached their age. majority.

“Ideally, we would film [las temporadas 4 y 5] repeatedly, but there was no convenient way to do it. These are all discussions we’ll have with our writers when we get the room up and running, Duffers told TV Line.

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Matthew Modine (Dr. Brenner) in ‘Stranger Things’.


The signatories have yet to be announced, but some are expected as the series adds new names to its roster each year. Some, yes, to disappear in the same episode of their debut as the ‘Stranger Things’ monsters claim a good roster. victims.

One of the names that sounds, Ryan Reynolds. shawn taxHe stated that he wanted to get a cameo from the ‘Deadpool’ actor, who is the producer and director of several episodes of the series.

One of the biggest unknowns is knowing what will happen to the brave. Max (Sadie Sink)after everything she’s been through in this intense fourth season.

And it remains to be seen whether Murray Baumaneccentric Brett Gelman Who did we meet in season two and with whom did he have an intense trip to the USSR in this fourth season? Joyce (Winona Ryder) to save Jim (David Port), will continue in the cast as he signs for a new comedy, ‘Deserved’. Will the fame he gains in recent episodes ensure that the Duffers manage to keep him in the series?

Will there be separations?

Netflix plans to continue to squeeze the success of ‘Stranger Things’ beyond the end of the series. Formula? go to results ‘spin-offs’. “There are more exciting stories to tell from the world of ‘Stranger Things’: new mysteries, new adventures and unexpected new heroes,” Duffers wrote in a letter to fans in February.

Ross Duffer improved himself in an interview with ‘Variety’ magazine. which was develop another story at the same time as season five: “There’s a version that goes in parallel, but I never shoot at the same time. In fact, we’ll be reviewing it as soon as we finish it. Matt and I will start doing that and it’s going to be different from what everyone expects, including Netflix.” Will it be in Hawkins?

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